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1 person dead, multiple injured after vehicle strikes pedestrians in New York’s Times Square: Official


A car jumped a curb in Times Square New York, killing at least one pedestrian and injuring many others on May 18, 2017.

A vehicle struck pedestrians on a sidewalk in New York City’s Times Square, what is a heavily trafficked area, on Thursday afternoon.

Preliminary reports indicate this was an accident and not terror related.

A senior city official tells NBC News that one person has died in the crash. The Fire Department of New York reported 13 patients being on the scene.

One witness has posted a photo of the scene to Twitter.

A speeding car reportedly jumped a curb, and photos show the smoking vehicle on the sidewalk. This happened around lunch time, with tourists and employees filling the streets.

Multiple social media accounts were reporting seeing people being injured and carried away in stretchers.

This is a breaking news story. Check back for updates to this post.

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