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50 years later, what does the TSU ‘riot’ mean for Houston?

It’s been 50 years since Texas Southern University exploded in protests and shots fired by police.

The night of May 17, 1967 saw mostly black students protesting, which local and national newspapers described as a riot.

A mostly white police force responded, thousands of shots were fired and nearly 500 people were arrested. There were traumatic injuries on both sides and a rookie police officer and expectant dad, Louis Kuba, died during the incident.

NEAR RIOT: Remarks by white supremacist at Texas A&M sparks protests, outrage

But, what actually happened that night may not have been a riot, but a protest that got out of the control of both the protesters and the police.

And, how it is remembered still reverberates in Houston and with those who were there.

Read the Houston Chronicle’s recent recounting of that night: The TSU Riot, 50 years later

Scroll through the gallery above to see pictures taken May 17, 1967 and see the headlines that followed the incident

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