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6 steps to make sure your car doesn’t smell like garbage

The so-called “new car smell” is a hallmark of a car rolling fresh off the lot, but it’s actually a smell caused by chemicals like adhesives on the interior, and can be harmful.

Still, there’s something about that scent. As master detailer Larry Kosilla explains, while you can’t necessarily replicate the “new car smell,” you can make sure that your used car smells as fresh as possible.

How? It involves deeply cleaning every single part of the interior, and baking soda; it can work the same odor diminishing magic on the cloth surfaces of your car as it does in your fridge. Replacing the cabin air filter and clearing out the AC system is also very important.

Instead of occasionally getting a whiff of your sweat or dogs, these little tidbits in the video below will help you make your used car be a pleasant place to spend a long drive:

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