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‘Animal Kingdom’ Season 2 Spoilers: Episode 4 Synopsis Released; Watch ‘Broken Boards’ Promo

Even though the Cody brothers have chosen to push their mother out of their lives, it seems like Smurf still has control over the decisions they make on “Animal Kingdom.”

“With the bar set to open, Deran (Jake Weary) frets about telling Smurf (Ellen Barkin) about it,” the synopsis for Season 2, episode 4 of the TNT series teases. In the promo for “Broken Boards,” Baz (Scott Speedman) can be seen telling Smurf that he and the Cody brothers are never coming back to her.

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“I didn’t ask you to,” she replies.

In the beginning of the season, the brothers decided to end their business relationship with their mother after she gave them the wrong information for a job, which resulted in a less than stellar payout.

Since then, the only one who has stuck by her side is her grandson, J (Finn Cole). Now on his own, Deran has been more determined than ever to prove that he can make it on his own without his mother.

The youngest Cody brother recently bought a bar, not only to have something to call his own, but to also leave his life of crime behind. In the previous episode, Deran was adamant about Craig (Ben Robson) keeping his bar a secret from Smurf and even demanded that he tell Nicky (Molly Gordon) not to mention the establishment to their mother.

Will Smurf approve of her baby boy running a bar all by himself or will she manipulate him into alternating his plans of independence?

On “Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 4, Deran fears telling Smurf (Ellen Barkin) about his solo business venture after asking Craig (Ben Robson) to keep his secret. Photo: TNT

“Pope (Shawn Hatosy) and Amy (Jennifer Landon) go on a date,” the synopsis for Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 4 says. Since stumbling upon the megachurch and attending various group sessions, Pope has begun to get close to Jennifer.

While Pope is haunted by his own demons after killing Catherine (Daniella Alonso) and hiding the murder from Baz, Pope recently learned that Amy has a dark past as well and lost custody of her son due to her irresponsible behavior.

Has Pope finally found someone who is just as flawed as he is or will this be another relationship that ends badly for the eldest Cody brother?

Elsewhere, “Nicky must choose between Craig and J,” the synopsis for “Broken Boards” states. Since moving into Smurf’s house after Craig’s apartment burned down, Nicky has been running into J more often.

Although she seems to still have feelings for Craig, J treated her better when they were in a relationship. In the TNT promo, Smurf can be heard asking someone if they know how powerful they are.

“You just have to decide what you want. You want a hint baby? Everything, ” Smurf says to someone with brown hair in the backyard of her house. Although Craig has brown hair, he has been steering clear of his mother so it is more than likely that Smurf is talking to Nicky.

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Since the beginning of Season 2 of the TNT series, Craig has been telling Deran that he is going to break up with Nicky, but every time he tries he ends up finding a reason not to do it.

In the previous episode, Nicky called him out for not treating her the way she deserves even though she is always good to him and actually saved his life when his apartment was on fire. Has Nicky finally reached her breaking point with Craig? Which Cody will she choose to be with?

“Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 4, airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. EDT on TNT.

Animal Kingdom On “Animal Kingdom” Season 2, episode 4, Deran (Jake Weary), Craig (Ben Robson), Baz (Scott Speedman) and Pope (Shawn Hatosy) attempt to live their lives without their mother’s help. Photo: TNT

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