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AP Interview: General says Libya strikes bore critical intel

MUNICH (AP) — A senior U.S. military official says airstrikes that killed about 80 Islamic State militants in southern Libya last month generated critical computer data, documents and information from prisoner interrogations that the U.S. can use to target more fighters.

Marine Gen. Thomas Waldhauser heads U.S. Africa Command. Waldhauser tells The Associated Press the U.S. got significant intelligence from the camps after the bombings, and “there’s some things we’re working on.”

Waldhauser didn’t go into details of the intelligence.

A senior U.S. military official says several IS fighters who survived the strikes were interrogated by Libyan militia forces. The official says intelligence confirmed the fighters had direct communication with the core IS group in Syria. The official wasn’t authorized to discuss the details publicly and spoke on condition of anonymously.

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