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‘Basketball Wives’ Cast Member Jackie Christie’s Daughter Ta’Kari Lee Slams VH1 Star For Lying

Although it seemed like “Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie and her daughter Ta’Kari Lee were done with their drama, it looks like the mother and daughter still have some issues plaguing them.

On Tuesday, Ta’Kari took to Instagram to call out her mother following the VH1 star’s appearance on the Quincy Harris show. Jackie was appearing on the show to promote a theater production, however, the conversation shifted gears to the star’s personal drama.

When asked about her issues with Ta’Kari, Jackie told the host that her daughter suffers from depression and that she still loves her from a distance. Jackie’s comment did no sit well with her daughter who called her out on Instagram.

“First off, I find it wrong for you to go on TV and diagnose me with ANYTHING!! You have not been to a DR. Appt or mental health facility with me to know anything about my health,” Ta’Kari wrote.

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Jackie’s estranged daughter noted that although she understands her mother may be under pressure and uncomfortable about discussing certain topics, it should not mean that she portrays her own daughter in a negative light in order to deflect from the subject.

“Every phony medical condition, childhood ‘stories’ and so forth will be addressed. So if the plan is to lie me away, good luck with that. I’m shocked at the continuation of lies and false allegations against me and my family in an attempt to discredit,” Ta’Kari stated.

Ta’Kari’s latest criticism of her mother comes as a surprise seeing as the mother of three wished Jackie a Happy Mother’s Day on Sunday. Ta’ Kari shared a throwback photo of Jackie holding a baby that is assumed to be Ta’Kari.

“Happy Mother’s Day …. Because of u, I had life and was able to produce 3 little lives of my own … Thank you, much appreciated!!” she wrote.

However, it seems like Ta’Kari began to backtrack on her latest post questioning if her mother truly cared about her. “I learned long ago to be skeptical of you and anything you do, so if your mother’s day text and Thank you text for my post was for your show I would not be surprised,” Ta’Kari wrote.

Although Jackie and Ta’Kari have reportedly been estranged for years, their ongoing drama began to gain attention this year when Ta’Kari created a Go Fund Me page asking for financial assistance to pay her son’s medical bills after he suffered a burn injury while in daycare.

Jackie’s “Basketball Wives” Season 6 cast mate Evelyn Lozada donated the full amount, which upset Jackie. The confrontation led Ta’Kari to reveal that she doesn’t have a relationship with her mother and that Jackie allegedly puts on a show for the cameras.

Since then, Ta’Kari has continuously called out her mother’s lies and has revealed that Jackie has no relationship with Ta’Kari or her three sons.

Although it is uncertain, if Jackie and Ta’Kari will ever make amends, it looks like Ta’Kari has every intention of addressing any comments that her mother makes concerning her and their relationship.

“Basketball Wives” star Jackie Christie seems to still be at odds with her daughter, Ta’Kari Lee. Photo: VH1

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