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Boro Cop loves his politics

Not every wife loves hockey.

So, for some guys, being left on their own during the NHL playoffs isn’t such a bad thing.

They have Sports Centre on their TV all day. And at night they watch the games.

But injured Senators defenceman Mark Borowiecki is different. He doesn’t tune in to much hockey. With his bride Tara going back and forth between home and a horse show in Caledon the past two weeks, he’s had his TV on another channel.

“It’s kind of nerdy of me, but I just watch CNN,” Borowiecki said with a chuckle Friday morning. “My wife doesn’t like to watch it, so when she’s gone I throw it on. I usually have it on in the background all day.”

If not for his own business trip to Pittsburgh, Borowiecki’s wild weekend would be …?

“Spring cleaning and CNN,” he said. “Going crazy.”

When Borowiecki’s NHL career is over, he wants to become a police officer. Yes, then he really will be Boro Cop. Before his career, he studied political science at Clarkson.

“I like politics,” he said. “It’s entertaining.”

Hence the fondness for CNN.

“I don’t mind Wolf (Blitzer),” said Borowiecki. “AC360 (Anderson Cooper), that’s one of my go-to’s. Actually, my favourite is Chris Cuomo, in the morning. So when I get up with the dogs, I’ll chuck that on.
“That’s my day, man. Rowdy, I know.”

Borowiecki, of course, lives up to a tough-guy image on the ice as well as anyone. He doesn’t do a lot of puck handling, but he generally plays sound defence. He’s also the team’s enforcer.

The Senators have managed to make it this far down the playoff road without his step-up hits, which are so important in Guy Boucher’s 1-3-1 system.

If they advance to the Cup final against either the Nashville Predators or Anaheim Ducks — both big, physical teams — Borowiecki will be an important player for them.

In the meantime, he’s making significant strides on the road to recovery from a leg injury.

And watching CNN.

“I’m smarter than I look,” Boroweicki said with self-deprecating humour. “Smarter than people give me credit for. I can hold an intellectual conversation, believe it or not.”

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