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Breaking Trump news inspires everyone to make the same ice cream joke

Another day, another revealing scoop about Trump’s White House from the Washington Post and New York Times

The two papers have been battling in recent weeks with scoop and after scoop that will make a brilliant Netflix series in 30 years. On Friday, the Post published a story claiming that the investigation of the Trump campaign colluding with Russia has identified a White House official as a person of interest. At the same time, the Times published a piece that claimed President Donald Trump told the Russians that firing former FBI director James Comey eased pressure from the FBI’s investigation. (If anything, it did the exact opposite.)

The two stories were shared from the newspapers’ respective Twitter accounts at the exact same time on Friday, or as media Twitter likes to call it, two scoops.

Now, since we all know that Trump gets TWO SCOOPS of ice cream and everyone else gets one, a lot of people made the exact same joke after the stories broke. 

Considering Trump loves to give people nicknames, we think Donny Two Scoops is an appropriate one for today.

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