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C-130 Hercules planes flew over Charlotte Saturday

The skies over Charlotte Saturday were populated by an unusual sight — eight C-130 Hercules planes in the North Carolina Air National Guard’s 145th Airlift Wing.

military planes over charlo (10)

People watch and take photos as C-130s take off Saturday.

Diedra Laird

They flew in formation at only about 1,000 feet to train and to celebrate the mission of the C-130 unit. The planes left the Charlotte Air National Guard base at Charlotte Douglas International Airport in the early afternoon and flew to a Guard base in Stanly County to conduct a simulated cargo drop, probably pallets of sandbags, Capt. Monica Ebert of the N.C. Air National Guard said.

military planes over charlo (3)

C-130s take off Saturday.

Diedra Laird

The planes then returned to Charlotte. The weather cooperated for the mission, with blue skies dotted by a few clouds.

military planes over charlo (12)

It wasn’t hard to spot the low-flying C-130 military planes in the Charlotte sky Saturday.

Diedra Laird

In a recent story, Popular Mechanics called the C-130s the “go anywhere, do anything flyer” over its six-decade history.

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