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Hammerhead shark migration gives new hope for conservation

Great Hammerhead sharks have been tagged and tracked across the USA and Bahamas in a bid to shed light on their migration habits. Researchers suggest that these sharks are more at risk than previously thought because of their predictable and …

New nano approach could cut dose of leading HIV treatment in half

Successful results have utilized nanotechnology to improve drug therapies for HIV patients. Source link

New software allows for 'decoding digital brain data'

New software allows for ‘decoding digital brain data’ to reveal how neural activity gives rise to learning, memory and other cognitive functions. The software can be used in real time during an fMRI brain scan. Source link

Is Your Probiotic Actually Working? A Microbiologist Explains

Probiotics have been shown to modulate gut microbiota function and, when administered in adequate amounts, they may provide health benefits. But with so many probiotic strains on the market, how do we know which ones provide real benefits and what …

Avocado Toast Eye Shadow Is A Thing. Here's Everything You Need To Know

Breakfast is brunch on the weekend, isn’t it? A chance for something more taxing than the usual weekday smoothie or overnight oats. There’s nothing I enjoy more than a long, lazy brunch, full to the brim with fried eggs, or …

The One Thing You Should Be Eating Every Day For A Healthy Gut

Like many patients, 37-year-old Brenda appeared a little confused when I initially said the word starch. “But you mention in your book Happy Gut that starchy carbs turn into sugar in your body, which feeds my sugar addiction,” she noted …

How I Finally Healed From Binge Eating

I suffered from binge eating for several years. And by “binge eating,” I mean secretly devouring food. I can remember sitting in the parking lot of a grocery store and before I knew it, I had eaten a piece of …

Exactly What To Do With Those Clothes You Kondo'd Out Of Your Closet

There’s nothing better than a closet purge. Sifting through the duds and landing on a wardrobe that speaks to the person you are—or the one you want to become—is a pretty empowering process. It leaves you with a sense of …

The Quick & Easy Way To Kick-Start Your Home Yoga Practice

I have recently had a couple of questions from students about how to keep up a regular home yoga or meditation practice. I know a few people (myself included) who have made a home yoga practice a New Year’s resolution, …

10 Sustainable Swaps That Will Make Your Bedroom Even Dreamier

While most of us wish that the perfect eco-friendly home was just a snap-of-the-fingers away, I’ve learned that it’s a bit more complicated than that. As I take baby steps in the transition toward a more conscious lifestyle, I’m constantly …
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