Natasha Calvinho is an Ottawa-based lawyer.

Derek Ruttan / Postmedia

Criminal charges separately laid against two Ottawa defence lawyers have been resolved with a conditional discharge and a peace bond.

Criminal defence lawyer Natasha Calvinho was charged in 2016 with dangerous driving after what police alleged was a November 2015 hit-and-run that left another driver with minor injuries. In August of this year, Calvinho was given a conditional discharge and 12 months probation.

Calvinho was previously charged with impaired driving and failing or refusing to give a breath sample in October 2013. The charge of failing to give a breath sample was later withdrawn. A trial on the impaired driving charge was set for June 2016, where Calvinho was acquitted.

Lawyer Will Murray.

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Defence lawyer and former 2007 NDP provincial candidate Will Murray was slated to face a trial in the spring of 2018 after he was charged in November 2016 with assaulting a former girlfriend.

In August of this year, however, the assault charge was withdrawn and Murray entered into a peace bond for one year that stipulates he not contact or communicate with the former girlfriend, not purchase or consume alcohol or drugs, not possess any weapons and successfully complete a partner assault response program.