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Clarke calls Abele a ‘little mouse’ after call for resignation

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke called county executive Chris Abele a “little mouse” on Sunday evening after the county executive called upon the sheriff to resign.

The war of words stemmed from the Saturday evening announcement that Clarke had withdrawn his acceptance of a position with the Department of Homeland Security.

Abele used the opportunity to call upon the sheriff to resign:

“While I never believed that anyone who actually knows and cares about national security would consider David Clarke for any position of authority, I’m happy for the confirmation that they weren’t. Homeland Security has an opportunity to do far better.”I’m hoping Milwaukee County will get the same. I urge Sheriff Clarke to submit his resignation and allow Milwaukee to turn the page. I am sure Governor Walker will appoint a good successor and I look for to working with whomever that is.”

Reached to comment, Clarke responded with the following:

“Abele is pissed I will be Sheriff until Jan 2019 at a minimum. That’s a long time. He couldn’t beat me at the ballot box in 2013 after spending $263,000 of his personal wealth trying to do it. I will resign right after that little mouse does.”

A Washington Post reporter earlier Sunday posted on Twitter a copy of a purported May 5 offer letter of the job Clarke turned down.

Clarke has been Milwaukee County’s sheriff since 2002.

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