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Coronation Street spoiler: Peter Barlow set to start drinking again? Chris Gascoyne teases 'huge consequences which could change the Barlows forever'

PETER Barlow’s life looks set to come crashing down around him in the aftermath of Chloe’s lies in upcoming scenes of Coronation Street.

After going to see Ken Barlow, Chloe told him that she and Peter had been having an affair and that he had started drinking again.

Angered by what he thought his son had done, the Barlow patriarch then went on to tell Toyah the ‘truth’.

And in scenes soon to air, Peter’s attempts to dispute Chloe’s lies will fall on deaf ears when his family refuse to believe him.

But it will be Ken who feels the wrath of Chris Gascoyne’s character when his oldest son rails at him for wrecking his life.

[undefined]Coronation Street spoiler: Will Peter Barlow start drinking again? Peter will argue with Ken when everyone believes Chloe’s lies [ITV]

Desperate to prove his innocence, Peter goes to see Chloe and asks her to set the record straight.

But will she agree?

Things won’t get any better for the character when he spots Toyah getting into her ex husband Toby’s car after she declares that their relationship is over.

Devastated by the turn of events, Peter marches over to the Rovers and takes a bottle of whiskey.

But will he drink it?

While Peter contemplates returning to the bottle, Toyah has a change of heart and decides she needs to be back with Peter.

[undefined]Coronation Street spoiler: Will Peter Barlow start drinking again? Peter is left feeling gutted when he sees Toyah driving off with Toby [ITV]
[undefined]Coronation Street spoiler: Will Peter Barlow start drinking again? Will Peter Barlow start drinking again? [ITV]
[undefined]Coronation Street spoiler: Will Peter Barlow start drinking again? Ken will also feel the wrath of Tracy after they argue over Amy [ITV]

But will Toby be able to convince her otherwise?

As Peter comes face to face with Toyah, he insists that he hasn’t drunk alcohol or cheated on her.

Having seen him put his heart on the line, will Toyah believe him and give their relationship a second chance?

While Peter and Toyah may be able to move past the latest issue, Chris recently teased that there will be a massive fall out between the Barlows.

He said: “This storyline will have huge consequences and could change the Barlows forever.

“It is a story which affects every single one of them and also other people in the street.

Admitting that Peter will have a hard time forgiving his dad, the actor added: “He feels as though they will never let him forget his past and will never believe he is capable of making something of his life.

[undefined]Coronation Street spoiler: Will Peter Barlow start drinking again?: Ken will also have to deal with Daniel being left heartbroken over Sinead’s miscarriage [ITV]

“The final straw was his dad believing Chloe over him and he can’t forgive him for that.”

Coronation Street continues on ITV at 7.30pm.

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