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David Griffin reportedly would not trade Kyrie Irving

The decision to not offer to trade the Cavs’ point guard created a deep division between Griffin and Gilbert.
Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

David Griffin apparently was unwilling to trade Kyrie Irving, and it’s unclear if that refusal contributed to him losing his job as GM of the Cleveland Cavaliers.

A few reports have said that Griffin and Cavs owner Dan Gilbert disagreed on the future of the team, which may have led to a mutual parting of ways on Monday. But what was the future each man envisioned and what was the point of disagreement?

Sam Amico, whose reporting on the Cavs has been ahead of the curve over the past year, could not answer that question, but he did note that Griffin’s stance was to not include Irving in trade talks.

The Cavs had been in talks about acquiring Jimmy Butler and/or Paul George.

As good as Irving is, the Cavaliers could probably get by without him because LeBron James can handle the ball. But if they were to get rid of the star point guard, they’d need to add both Butler and George in order to have a shot at toppling the Warriors.

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