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Don’t get left behind: Programmatic growth outpaces publisher expectations

There are no shortage of headlines calling for the rapid growth of programmatic advertising, but a recent MediaPost article has put that growth into perspective when it comes to the publishing side of the equation.

The most glaring datapoint in the post is that the advertisers and agencies expect a 21 percent growth in buying managed programmatically, while those on the publishing side expect programmatic sales to increase only 4 percent.

That’s quite the gulf in growth expectations.

The reported data comes from MediaPost’s coverage of an upcoming study released by Perceptions Group.

A key takeaway for publishers is that programmatic selling is no longer for leftover inventory only. It is becoming a major part of marketers’ strategies. In fact, marketers surveyed reported that they expect to buy 47 percent of their digital media via programmatic methods this year.

Publishers, if you want a piece of that 47 percent, make sure your inventory is up for sale when the auction begins.

Image Credit: Liz Bokt, via Flickr/CC

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