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Episode 11 Synopsis, Trailer, Sneak Peek Released

Arthur is thrown into a battle royale in next week’s episode of “Blood Drive,” but will he survive the match without taking a life?

According to the synopsis for Season 1, episode 11 of the Syfy series, Arthur (Alan Ritchson) resists bloodlust despite being pitted against murderous contestants in a battle dome fight.

“No matter what they make me do, I’ll never kill again,” Arthur tells his partner Grace (Christina Ochoa) in the trailer for the episode.

In a sneak peek from the hour, Slink (Colin Cunningham) tells Arthur and Grace that the battle royale will air live. The master of mayhem also reminds the pair that there’s no turning back, noting that if they try to run, the guards in the parameters won’t hesitate to shoot them down.

Arthur and Grace, on the other hand, have no plans to back out, as both of them are honoring the deal they made with Slink last episode.

“After today we’re free and clear,” Arthur tells Grace in the sneak peek. “It’s the last little thing and we’re done with [Slink] forever.”

In Season 1, episode 10, Old Man Heart (Sean Cameron Michael) fired Slink after learning that he had lost control of Arthur and Grace. Old Man Heart threatened to run “Blood Drive” into the ground if Slink wouldn’t be able to bring the pair back to the race as soon as possible. Frightened of what Heart Enterprises could do to his beloved show, Slink immediately went to Cronenburgh and made Arthur and Grace a deal.

“I’ll save your pathetic little lives if you agree to go on one last adventure with me,” Slink tells the pair in the episode.

Arthur and Grace accepted the deal. But after Slink got them out of trouble, the pair realized that they could actually break off the agreement because they no longer have the brain bombs in their heads.

“You could do that but I would chase you and fight,” Slink said. “But you could [just] keep your promise and go on one last adventure. After that, good riddance, you two lovebirds can flit off into the sunset for all I care.”

Slink also said that if the two continue to honor the deal, then Grace might finally get to the bottom of why Heart Enterprises has this bizarre obsession with her and her late sister Karma (Alex McGregor).

Although Arthur reminded Grace that she might not get the answers she wants at the end of the day, Grace said that what’s important is she tried to find the truth.

“Blood Drive” Season 1, episode 11, titled “Episode Xi: Rise of the Primo,” airs on Wednesday, Aug. 23 at 10 p.m. EDT on Syfy.

Arthur (Alan Ritchson) vows not to kill anyone again in Season 1, episode 11 of “Blood Drive.” Photo: Syfy/David Bloomer

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