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Episode 4 Synopsis; Watch ‘Snitch’ Promo

Voight is no stranger to breaking the rules and trusting his team to have his back, but on “Chicago PD” Season 5, episode 4, the unit begins to question the loyalty of their fellow officers and tensions begin to rise.

“While investigating a drug-related homicide, Intelligence is stonewalled by the ‘no snitch’ culture of the neighborhood,” the synopsis for “Snitch” teases.

In a photo of the upcoming episode of the Fox series, Voight (Jason Beghe) is seen kneeling over a body in what looks to be a convenience store. Even though the team is expected to have trouble arresting the killer, there’s no doubt that they will find some way to move the investigation forward,

Each member of the team is known for having a confidential informant or a buddy on the streets who will point them in the right direction for the case. However, what will the team be willing to risk in order to solve this murder?

“Meanwhile, the police’s own code of silence is put to the test,” the synopsis for “Chicago PD” Season 5, episode 4 says.

In the promo for “Snitch,” the narrator is heard saying that the Intelligence team has broken almost every rule in order to bring justice to the city, but someone on the inside will make them pay for their past. As his voice plays, Antonio (Jon Seda) is seen shaking hands with someone in a suit, possibly one of the district attorneys. Is Antonio turning on his team?

In the previous episode of the NBC series, Antonio seemed to reach his breaking point when it comes to the way Voight disregards the rules. In “Promise,” the detectives were investigating the homicide of a woman whose son witnessed the crime.

When the kid came into I.D. the criminal in the lineup, Voight received a tip that the suspect would be third in the lineup and encouraged Antonio to tell the boy who to pick. Antonio decided to keep the truth from the child and allowed him to pick on his own.

At first, the boy yelled out that the man who killed his mother was number one in the lineup, which was incorrect. After taking a second look, the child identified number 3 as the killer, but because he didn’t identify the right guy on the first try, he was deemed an unreliable witness and the murderer was released.

Convinced he would kill again, Voight met up with a member of the victim’s family, sharing confidential information about the murderer. Not long after Voight’s encounter, Antonio found the murderer dead in his home.

When he went to confront Voight about the brutal killing, the sergeant told him it needed to be done. Although Antonio doesn’t reply to Voight, he seems uneasy that his boss has done something so terrible, even if it was to a murderer.

Later on in the promo, Voight is seen telling Olinsky (Elias Koteas) that “they” are coming after them and that he needs to be careful. Will internal affairs finally bring down Voight’s Intelligence unit with the help from an inside man?

“Chicago PD” Season 5, episode 4 airs Wednesday at 10 p.m. EDT on NBC.

On “Chicago PD” Season 5, episode 4, Voight’s (Jason Beghe) unit becomes a target. Photo: Fox


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