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‘Game of Thrones’ Season 7, Episode 1 Synopsis; What Will Happen In ‘Dragonstone?’

After a longer wait than usual, fans of “Game of Thrones” can finally celebrate, because winter is here—and so is the season 7 premiere of the show.

When fans last paid a visit to Westeros, the action took a very different turn from the events of the past, proving the series was preparing for an epic conclusion within the next two shortened seasons. With the sheer amount of action that went on in just one episode, it seems as if the show couldn’t possibly pick up with something as meaningful within the new season. However, according to a synopsis for the Season 7 Premiere, things will kick off strong, and there will be plenty for fans to try and digest.

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“Jon (Kit Harington) organizes the defense of the North. Cersei (Lena Headey) tries to even the odds. Daenerys Emilia Clarke) comes home,” the synopsis for “Dragonstone” reads.

The last time fans saw Jon Snow, he was back home in Winterfell and had just been declared the “King of the North,” after winning the battle against the Bolton army (with the help of Sansa’s [Sophie Turner] getting the Knights of the Vale to fight). Even more important about Jon though was the revelation through his brother Bran’s (Isaac Hampstead-Wright) vision that he wasn’t who he thought he was.

However, that revelation won’t be as important for him on a personal level yet, since he doesn’t know the truth, and is focused on the War that no one else has paid attention to because they’ve been too busy fighting for the Iron Throne. Jon knows the Night King (Richard Brake) has raised his army of the dead, and now that Winter has officially come to the seven kingdoms, the threat he poses will become even more real. Jon will need to work quickly to help the North prepare for the battle to come, and try and get the other parts of Westeros on board.

Cersei (Lena Headey) tries to even the odds in the Season 7 premiere of “Game of Thrones.” Photo: HBO

Cersei is officially now the Queen of Westeros, after masterfully eliminating all of her local enemies in one move by unleashing wildfire on the Sept of Baelor. The Faith Militant is gone, as are the Tyrells, and with none of her children alive any longer, she no longer has anything to lose. If she still feels anyone poses a threat to her, she will do whatever it takes to even the odds and make it less likely that someone else could take her crown.

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DAENERYS GOT Daenerys (Emilia Clarke) arrives home in the Season 7 premiere of “Game of Thrones.” Photo: HBO

Finally, after years of conquering in Essos, Daenerys will officially make her way home to Westeros. Her fleet—which now includes not just her army of trusted advisors, her dragons, the Unsullied and the Dothraki, but also the Tyrells of Highgarden, Martells of Dorne and Greyjoys of the Iron Islands—officially took sail in Season 6, but now, after a long journey, they will all touch ground in Westeros once more, at one of the ancestral homes her family once occupied—Dragonstone. Finally arriving in Westeros will give her the ability to be closer to the action, make more allies, realize who her real enemies are, and make sure that she one day reclaims the Iron Throne for herself.

“Game of Thrones” premieres tonight at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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