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Halloween 2018 Reboot Details | POPSUGAR Entertainment

Next year’s Halloween is going to get kicked up a notch.

On Friday, it was announced that Jamie Lee Curtis will be reprising the iconic role of Laurie Strode in Halloween, another reboot of the beloved horror franchise due out on Oct. 19, 2018. It’s an exciting reveal for one of the first-ever scream queens because truly nothing is scarier than watching her fend off her psychotic, murderous, William Shatner-mask-wearing younger brother with only a wire hanger in the 1978 original. Then again, doesn’t Laurie get stabbed by her deranged sibling and thrown to her death in the franchise’s eighth movie, Halloween: Resurrection? Apparently she and Michael Myers share more than just DNA — they can both evade death in extraordinary ways.

The horror film sees Laurie facing down Michael in one final, bloody confrontation and boasts John Carpenter as an executive producer and creative consultant. Jason Blum, of Get Out and Paranormal Activity fame, is also on board as a producer, while David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are in charge of the script (Green is also directing).

In other words? Best. Halloween. EVER.

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