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Is Chris Soules Guilty? Former ‘Bachelor’ Star Maintains Innocence In Deadly Hit And Run

Chris Soules isn’t going down without a fight in his most recent legal battle. The former “Bachelor” star is currently facing charges for fleeing the scene of an accident, which left another motorist — Kenneth Mosher — dead.

According to Us Weekly, Soules’ legal team entered a not guilty plea in court on Tuesday. The publication obtained court documents in which the reality star requested a quick trial. Soules’ lawyers have requested specific details about his charges that weren’t provided in the indictment and minutes of testimony.

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The latest move from the ex “Bachelor” star’s legal team follows an attempt to have felony charges against him dismissed. On May 15, a motion by Soules’ lawyers was denied by an Iowa judge. At the time, ET Online reported that his legal counsel was arguing that Soules administered “reasonable assistance” to Mosher before his death.

“Because probable cause does not exist to support the charge against Mr. Soules, it must be dismissed,” a motion filed May 1 said. “The information provided by Mr. Soules during his 911 call fulfilled the requirements of the reporting statutes. Not only did Mr. Soules satisfy the letter of the law, he satisfied the spirit. He gave law enforcement on-the-spot identification and location information and reasonably provided treatment to Mr. Mosher.”

The court found flaws in this argument, though. Authorities felts Soules “did drive a vehicle involved in an accident resulting in the death of any persona and did not immediately stop the vehicle at the scene of the accident or as close as possible, and/or failed to return to and remain at the scene of the accident.” As such, the charges stand.

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In addition to having fled the scene of the fatal accident, Soules has been accused of being drunk when it occurred. According to TMZ, court documents filed on May 1 reveal that Soules purchased alcohol at a convenience store prior to the crash. He later refused to answer questions pertaining to “the empty and partially consumed open alcoholic beverages located in and around his vehicle that he was seen purchasing at the convenience store shortly before the accident.”

Soules’ fleeing the scene has made it difficult for authorities to prove that he was drinking at the time of the accident. TMZ reported that it may be impossible to find the former “Bachelor” star guilty of driving under the influence in court. Police did not have the opportunity to check Soules’ “level of intoxication” when the deadly crash occurred.

The rest of the case is relatively black and white thanks to a 911 call placed by the reality star when the accident occurred. Audio surfaced on TMZ in which Soules admits he “rear-ended a guy on a tractor.” He told the operator the victim was unconscious at the time and didn’t appear to be breathing.

“I feel a pulse, yeah he’s got a pulse,” Soules confirmed during the call.

It’s been reported that someone at the scene performed CPR, thought it’s not clear whether it was Soules or another person. Mosher’s believed to have been alive on the scene. In the 911 call, Soules did note that there was blood.

EMTs arrived on the scene, at which time People reported that Soules fled. He was picked up not far from the accident. The driver of the car that took Soules from the crash hasn’t been identified, but could face charges if it’s found that they were aware he was fleeing a crime scene at the time.

Soules publicly spoke about the accident just once. In a statement, released to People, he said he was “devastated” by what transpired that night. Soules sent “his thoughts and prayers” to Mosher’s family.

Chris Soules, seen above in a mugshot provided by the Buchanan County Sheriff’s Office in Independence, Iowa, taken on April 24, 2017, has entered a not guilty plea in the fatal hit and run case against him. Photo: Getty Images

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