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Jessica Graf Shares Future Plans With Cody Nickson

“Big Brother” Season 19 evictee Jessica Graf may have lost the chance to bring home $500,000, but the VIP concierge gained strong real-life alliance with Cody Nickson.

During his first eviction, Cody asked Jessica if she would be his girlfriend, and she said yes. On Thursday night, Cody told Jessica “I love you,” and she told host Julie Chen that she loves Cody as well. The VIP concierge added that her relationship with Cody will continue outside of the house since they are both serious about each other.

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While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the 26-year-old former houseguest revealed that she promised to bring Cody and her daughter, Paisley, to Disneyland when her boyfriend gets out of the house. “I can’t wait for Cody to get out of the house. Sucks that I have to wait six weeks for that to happen. I promised I would take Cody and Paisley to Disneyland, the happiest place on earth! We’ll split our time between Dallas and Los Angeles and I’m really excited about it,” she said.

Meanwhile, Jessica also shared her thoughts about the houseguests’ claim that she gave her $500,000 dream for Cody. According to her, she never wanted to stab Cody in the back since he was the only person who stayed loyal to her. Last week, Paul Abrahamian urged Jessica to not use her “Halting Hex” so that she could stay in the game for another week, and Cody could get evicted.

Even though Jessica contemplated on not using the third “Den of Temptation,” she explained that she only thought about it because Cody himself wanted to leave the house already. “I couldn’t continue knowing I had to stab someone in the back that I completely trusted and be left with everyone else in the house. I think that says a lot about my character,” she said.

During a separate interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Jessica also shared her prediction for the rest of Season 19. “Well, I would like to see a different storyline. I would like to see someone else take leadership outside of Paul. I would like to see security blankets get ripped from the houseguests’ arms, and I want people to start fighting for their game in the house,” she said.

“Big Brother” Season 19 will return to CBS on Sunday at 9 p.m. EDT.

Jessica Graf does not have any regrets with the way she played the game in “Big Brother” Season 19. Photo: CBS

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