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Just days after Trump lashed out at Corker, his Treasury Secretary praises him

The feud between President Donald Trump and Sen. Bob Corker took an interesting turn Thursday when a top administration official praised the Tennessee Republican.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin actually lauded Corker during a CNBC interview regarding tax reform.

Asked about how the legislative process has been going as the administration seeks to get its tax reform package pushed through Congress, Mnuchin said the process is moving along and has been helped by several prominent Republicans.

“I have talked with them. In particular I would single out Sen. Corker, who’s been enormously helpful in this process,” he said. “Him (sic) and (Pennsylvania Republican Sen. Pat) Toomey were helpful in negotiating the agreement to get this out of the Senate committee and get it down to the floor.”

That marked a notable change in tenor for the White House toward Corker. Over the weekend, as Corker announced he would not seek re-election in 2018, Trump taunted the senator online.

Trump followed up that tweet with two others, one blaming Corker for an arms deal with Iran that the president has opposed and another saying Corker “didn’t have the guts to run.”

Corker then retaliated.

He followed that with a New York Times interview where he said Trump was leading the country on a path to “World War III.”

All of that animus, however, seemed to be gone during Mnuchin’s interview Thursday.

“We’ve been having discussions with all of them, the president is having discussions with them,” he said of Congress. “We’re confident this is going to get done.”

CNBC has reached out to Corker and the White House for comment.

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