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Kate Confronts Clyde About Will Drama

She had hoped she wouldn’t have to see him again after everything that happened between them both when they dated and when he broke out of prison to terrorize Salem. However, in an effort to get more answers about the claims Will is actually alive, Kate will go and have a face-to-face meeting with none other than Clyde on the Wednesday, Oct. 11 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

Since Ben (Robert Scott Wilson) broke out of Bayview and interrupted the double wedding to reveal that Will (Chandler Massey), whom he strangled during his stint as the Red Necktie Killer, was actually alive, Salem has been in chaos trying to figure out the truth. During an interrogation, Hope (Kristian Alfonso) was able to get Ben to admit that his father, Clyde (James Read), was the one who told him he hadn’t killed Will, but there was no other information he could provide. Desperate for answers, Sonny (Freddie Smith) asked Kate (Lauren Koslow) to go and see Clyde for more information. She initially refused to do so, but reconsidered for Lucas’ (Bryan Dattilo) safety, since answers are the only thing she believes will keep her son from drinking.

Now, Kate will head to the prison Clyde has been in since he was recaptured, and will sit down with her ex to see what he’s up to, and determine if he can, or will, provide more insight as to why he told his son that he had only killed two people—not three.

Whether or not Clyde will give her answers is hard to tell, because while she is the person he would be most likely to open up to, it doesn’t mean he will be entirely forthcoming with her. He could quickly dismiss her or tell her he was just trying to find a way to get his son released from the sanitarium so they could go on the run together. However, he could also potentially provide some shocking information.

Clyde could give Kate some cryptic hints about why he told Ben Will was alive and he hadn’t killed him. Whether or not he is basing his claims on fact remains to be seen, but if he does give Kate any solid information, she could take it back to Salem with her, and help potentially solve the mystery.

Most likely of course, even if Clyde does give her some information, it likely won’t be something that actually helps out enough however, as it will probably be cryptic and hard for Hope and the rest of the Salem PD to crack. Of course, even if it seems like another dead end, it won’t stop the attempts to find out any real answers.

After that, the only thing that may seem like it could be positive proof of whether or not Will is truly dead or alive will be exhuming his body from the grave. Though Lucas strictly forbade it when he was asked, the need for answers could propel Paul (Christopher Sean) to take matters into his own hands so he can learn if he will ever be able to marry Sonny.

“Days of Our Lives” airs weekdays on NBC.

Kate (Lauren Koslow) meets with Clyde (James Read) to get the truth on the Oct. 11, 2017 episode of “Days of Our Lives.”  Photo: NBC

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