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Nationals pitcher speaks out against Charlottesville rally

Sean Doolittle shared his thoughts on the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville.
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Washington Nationals reliever Sean Doolittle has kept things fairly quiet since being acquired by his new team, but he decided to speak up on Saturday in response to what’s happened in Charlottesville.

Doolittle, a southpaw pitcher, is from South Dakota but attended the University of Virginia, which is where Friday’s white supremacist rally took place in response to a Robert E. Lee statue coming down. Feeling strongly about the rally because of its location and message, Doolittle was moved to send multiple strongly-worded tweets Saturday condemning the rally.

Take a look at what he said.

One person died Saturday after a car crashed into a group of people protesting the rally. Two state troopers died when their helicopter crashed as they were patrolling the area. There reportedly have been a few dozen people injured as a result of the rally.

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