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NC firefighters win nation’s heart by rescuing baby turkeys trapped in storm drain

A group of North Carolina firefighters are being praised by animal lovers for responding to an emergency call that turned out to be a rescue operation involving eight baby turkeys.

It happened Tuesday evening in Asheville and video of the rescue has been viewed hundreds of thousands of times on Facebook and other social media outlets.

TV station WLOS in Asheville says the saga began when people walking their dogs noticed an upset hen as they headed down the road. An investigation showed eight baby turkeys – called poults – were stuck in a drain and calling for help.

They called Asheville Fire Department.

The firefighters were faced with a drain cover that was welded in place, but overcame that obstacle with backup. Firefighters reported on Twitter that the mother hen waited anxiously to the side as they worked.

They found the poults in the middle of a pipe that runs under the street. The turkeys were okay and reunited with their mom, reported WLOS.

Video of the rescue has spread across social media, with a posting on Facebook racking up 300,000 views Friday morning.

“My faith in the human race is restored – sigh,” posted Liz Miller Cefalu on Facebook.

“I love firefighters,” said Sally Davis on Facebook. “When they are not putting out fires, they get to do fun things like rescue turkey chicks.”

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