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NFL apologizes for insensitive tweet about Mexico earthquake

Another instance where you should think before you tweet.
Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL had to do some cleanup after its official Mexican account tweeted a rather insensitive joke comparing the Kansas City Chiefs’ season-opening win to a major earthquake that struck the country.

The 8.1 magnitude quake struck southern Mexico on Thursday night, killing at least 32 people. Unfortunately, the officially verified NFL Mexico account thought it would make for good joke fodder.

Per Eduardo Gonzalez of the Los Angeles Times, the tweet, which has since been deleted, read “Of those times Mexico City shakes with an (hashtag) earthquake because it can’t believe the (at) Chiefs have won the (hashtag) Kickoff2017 game.”

The account tweeted an apology that read “NFL Mexico apologizes for yesterday’s unacceptable tweet, which doesn’t represent the values of the league. We reiterate our solidarity with Mexico.”

Alas, the NFL cannot point to hackers like it could here. We’re guessing some social media employee no longer has a job after that one.

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