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Nikki Bella Teases WWE Return After John Cena Encourages Her To Quit

Although Nikki Bella has her plate full with the “Dancing With the Stars” competition, wedding planning, her Birdiebee clothing line and Bella Radici wine collection, the star is looking to add one more item to her list of things to do: Return to the WWE ring.

Even though her fiancé John Cena has told her that she should quit wrestling, the “Total Divas” star has no plans on giving up on a career in the world of wrestling, and has every intention of getting back in the ring sooner than people may expect.

“I know that with my spinal condition I can never be full time again, I just can’t do that but I do wanna be full time and I don’t want to retire. I literally can’t imagine not going into the ring and I want to make a comeback with Brie and I want to do it in 2018,” she told E! News.

In 2015, Bella suffered a neck injury so severe that it could have paralyzed her. However, after undergoing rehab and months of training, the star was more than ready to get back to wrestling. Despite her desire to return to a career she loved, those around her, especially Cena, were worried about her well-being.

Despite Cena’s wishes for his future wife to give up her career, Bella revealed that he respects her decision to return to wrestling. “When you love someone you think of their health first, but he also knows that I’m very stubborn and fiery,” she explained.

“It’s like, ‘OK just let her do what she wants to do.’ So he’s good at supporting me as well. He’ll put his input in and we have our discussions. But overall, I’m the boss and I win,” she added.

The star explained that her decision to return to wrestling was inspired by her ambitions and the fact that she is unwilling to give up something she truly cares about. “It’s tough because when you love something so much and you’re very passionate about it you just don’t ever want to hear the words retirement or you’re career’s over,” she told the media outlet.

“So even though a lot of people keep trying to get me to retire, I won’t. I’ll do it the day I want to on my own terms but that’s not anytime soon,” she said.

Although Cena will not stop his bride to be from returning to the ring, Bella revealed that he doesn’t understand why she wants to put herself in harm’s way. “He is like, ‘You have your health. Why continue? You’ve done everything you can as a WWE superstar.’ But I don’t believe that. There’s so much more us females can do and I always want to be at the forefront of that,” she told Fox News.

Aside from wrestling, the stars are in the slow process of planning their wedding. Although the two have already set a date, they are keeping the details private.

For now, fans can watch their love story play out on “Total Bellas” Season 2 which airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on E!

John Cena has suggested Nikki Bella should retire from wrestling. The stars are pictured attending the MTV Movie & TV Awards in Los Angeles May 7, 2017. Photo: Getty Images

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