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Peng Jianfeng wins world 1-meter springboard diving title

BUDAPEST, Hungary (AP) Peng Jianfeng won a sixth straight title for China in the men’s 1-meter springboard diving competition at the world swimming championships on Sunday.

Peng led from the first round and finished with a forward 2-1/2 somersaults 1 twist pike in the sixth for a total of 448.40 points, edging teammate He Chao by 1.20 points.

Despite winning, Peng was critical of his performance in the final two rounds.

”My movements in the fourth round were my very best so after that I lost my spirit, I took it a bit too easy. That’s why I didn’t get the level (I wanted),” Peng said. ”I didn’t have the real feeling I wished to have but finally I was able to get the result I wanted.”

Italy’s Giovanni Tocci claimed bronze with 444.25.

”I didn’t expect this result. I was too happy,” said Tocci, who was overcome with emotion once he realized he had at least bronze.

There were less than 10 points between the top five divers. Germany’s Patrick Hausding was fourth, followed by American Mike Hixon, who won bronze in 2015, and Ukraine’s Oleg Kolodiy.

Peng’s victory ensured Chinese divers have won nine of the 12 men’s 1-meter springboard titles at the worlds.

It also helped to make up in part for the disappointment of the day before, when China failed to make the podium in women’s 1-meter springboard, and then missed out on gold in men’s 3-meter springboard synchronized diving, for the first time at a worlds since 2003.

”As a Chinese sportsman we shouldn’t say it is inevitable that we get all the medals. There are also always competitors and actually we are really happy to get this result,” said He, the silver medalist.

”In a contest anything can happen. There’s no name written on the gold medal, and we just have to do our best,” He said.

The women’s 10-meter platform synchronized diving final is later Sunday.

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