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Pilot ejects, escapes injury as US fighter jet crash lands in Bahrain

The U.S. Navy says an F-18 fighter jet has crash landed at Bahrain International Airport and the pilot ejected from the aircraft after it “departed the runway.”

Cmdr. Bill Urban, a spokesman for the U.S. Navy’s 5th Fleet, said in a statement the pilot wasn’t hurt in the crash landing Saturday on the island nation.

Urban says the F-18 took off from the USS Nimitz, an aircraft carrier now in the Persian Gulf.

He says the F-18 suffered an engine problem and tried to divert to Sheikh Isa Air Base in Bahrain. He said the plane couldn’t make it and instead landed at the island’s commercial airport.

Urban said: “Due to the malfunction, the aircraft could not be stopped on the runway and the pilot ejected from the aircraft as it departed the runway.”

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