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Ray Lewis explains why elite quarterbacks are less valuable than dominant defensive players

“I co-sign every thing you said.

I was talking to Sapp this morning. He said ‘Sharpe, that Aaron Donald is the real deal. He’s lightyears ahead of every other DT in professional football.’

Aaron Donald, no problem with what he’s done. You look at the way he gets after the quarterback – but he plays it all. He gets after your quarterback, he stops the run, he’s unbelievable.

The only problem that I have with J.J. Watt… if you take J.J.’s first five years, he should be No. 1.  Three-time defensive player of the year, no question. He’s the only player in NFL history since they started recording sacks to have two 20+ sack seasons in his first five seasons.

But Skip, Ray, coming off what he did last year – where he missed all but three games. Second back surgery within three months. He shouldn’t be this high. You shouldn’t base it on what he did three, four years ago.

You’re taking this year moving forward. I don’t know how to grade him because I didn’t see enough of him last year. Can he come back after that back surgery?”

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