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Roving dogs blamed for killing nearly a dozen animals south of Charlotte

Roving dogs are being blamed for a spree of violence this week that left nearly a dozen goats dead or seriously injured in Kershaw, south of Charlotte in Lancaster County.

The Lancaster News says 11 animals were dead or seriously injured, and eight more had minor injuries.

Wayne Bartell, 75, of Kershaw called the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office earlier this week to report he’d shot and killed one of two dogs he’d caught inside the goat pen behind his home, the News reported.

The dead dog, a Husky, was found among seven dead goats, said the Lancaster News.

Deputies told the Lancaster News that they retrieved an address for the dogs’ owner from a collar, and found it had escaped from a home two miles away. The owner was ticketed for a violation of the county’s ordinance requiring all dogs to be restrained, reported the News.

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