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‘Shots Fired’ Season 1 Finale Synopsis Released; What Will Happen In ‘Last Dance’? [VIDEO]

The truth about Jesse Carr (Jacob Leinbach) and Joey Campbell’s (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) deaths will be revealed in next week’s Season 1 finale of “Shots Fired.”

According to the synopsis for the episode, the hearings for both cases are held as Preston Terry (Stephan James) presents the facts to the jurors. In the trailer for the hour, Arlen Cox (Richard Dreyfuss) takes the stand and subjects himself to questioning.

“Did you hear the young man scream?” Preston asks Arlen in the preview clip.

“Yes I did,” replies the businessman who participated in the Sheriff’s department controversial Auxiliary Deputy program.

“Was he scared for his life? Yes or no?” asks the prosecutor.

“Yes he was, as was I,” Arlen answers.

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Arlen admitted to killing Joey in Season 1, episode 9 after Ashe Akino (Sanaa Lathan) was able to convince him to come forward before Lieutenant Breeland (Stephen Moyer) could name him as the killer. “I know how hard it is to come clean when you know that a wrong has been committed especially when that wrong has been committed by you,” Arlen says during a live press conference. “Unfortunately, I have remained silent in the face of a terrible wrong. And today, I want to free myself of this burden.  I can no longer keep silent about the death of the young man in this community, a young man whose face by now we all know. I killed Joey Campbell.”

Arlen revealed that he assisted Breeland and the late Sergeant Derkin (Wes McGee) when they pulled over Joey for questioning. Arlen said that when Joey resisted and refused to cooperate with the officers, he reached out to his department-issued taser but accidentally pulled his gun instead. “I’m ashamed,” Arlen said. “I have to live with the fact that a simple mistake took the life of a promising young man.”

Arlen then blamed Breeland for not coming forward sooner. “Had Lieutenant Breeland  not intimidated me, I believe that I would have come forward sooner,” Arlen said. “But as an officer sworn to uphold the law, he did in fact intimidate me and he should have reported the accident to his superiors. He allowed for Pastor Janae Jones (Aisha Hinds), an innocent woman, to be wrongfully detained. I can only assume that he had something to do with finding my gun in her church.”

Breeland, however, will no longer be able to tell his side of the story as he was killed at the end of last episode. The identity of Breeland’s killer was not revealed in the season’s penultimate episode, so suspicion will undoubtedly splash back on Ashe, who was pissed off about Breeland’s meddling in her custody battle against her former husband Javier (Angel Bonann) over their daughter Kai (Laila Lockhart Kraner).

Who do you think killed Breeland? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

“Shots Fired” Season 1 finale, titled “Last Dance,” airs on Wednesday, May 24 at 10 p.m. EDT on FOX. Watch the trailer for the episode below:

Preston Terry (Stephan James) presents the facts about Jesse Carr (Jacob Leinbach) and Joey Campbell’s (Kelvin Harrison Jr.) shootings to the jurors in Season 1 finale of “Shots Fired.” Photo: FOX

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