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Teen faces weapons charges in foiled attack at high school

Juvenile criminal petitions have been issued for a teenager accused of taking several knives, a bottle of flammable liquid, fireworks and a “hit list” to Forest Hills High in Union County on May 9, Observer news partner WBTV reported Wednesday.

The teen is in a facility getting help and has not been formally charged, the station reported. He faces charges of possession of a weapon of mass destruction and possession of a weapon on school grounds. Authorities are not releasing the teenager’s name and age, because he is a minor.

The school’s Resource Officer Deputy A.J. Wallace confiscated the weapons from the student’s book bag, after police in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada, came across chat room discussions involving threats of violence by a student at the school.

The hit list had up to a dozen names, and investigators believe the teen might have been bullied.

“The student hadn’t had any issues or discipline issues,” Wallace said at a news conference last week. “And so when we spoke to him he was very calm.”

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