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‘The Flash’ Star Tom Cavanagh Talks Directing Season 3, Episode 19

Tom Cavanagh is grateful that he had given a chance to direct Season 3, episode 19 of “The Flash.”

In a recent interview with Vancouver Sun, Cavanagh — who currently plays H.R. and Harry on the show — said that he’s “so happy” that he had the opportunity to direct an episode of the Grant Gustin-led series, adding that there “was something very much of a bucket-list item” that was answered after he directed the episode.

The Canadian actor said that directing the episode was a unique experience for him on the set of the CW series. “It’s a very different thing to do, as you not only have to work with Grant Gustin (who plays the Flash) and the rest of the cast as actors, but you need to always be considering what is done by the exceptional effects teams, too,” Cavanagh shared. “For instance, a fight scene between Grant and myself as Reverse-Flash might include us working out choreography of throwing punches, but also have us running around walls taking swings at the air so that these seven beats in a 25-beat sequence can be put in digitally.”

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In a separate interview with E! News, Cavanagh said that one of the things he liked about directing the episode was the fact that he got to work with the departments he doesn’t often team up with when he’s just acting. “You know, like the fact that there was just nonstop talking to special effects and visual effects to get the moments right, and being reliant on their phenomenal abilities,” Cavanagh said. “That was one of the most joyous parts of doing this show.

When asked what it was like to direct his fellow cast members in the episode, the Golden Globe-nominated actor said: “For me as a director, to watch my friends and cast mates — and I said this to them I think every day, I was like it’s just a joy to watch them do it. Because when I’m acting in a scene with them, I’m not observing them. I’m in the scene, and I’m reacting to what’s in front of me, and I’m not parsing their abilities, but as a director it’s a different thing. You’re behind the monitor and you’re watching the scene unfold, and I think you’re a lot more giving to just sit and enjoy the show in front of you, and it was a tremendous show indeed.”

Cavanagh also told Variety that he finds it “always … really good” to direct himself. “If you write something and you have the visual of that in your head, I don’t have to convince the actor (myself) — or even explain to the actor — what the visual is. So I can accommodate however I want,” he said. “One thing I will say, though, if anyone is going to get short-changed when I’m directing it’s not going to be the other actors; it’s going to be me. You become much less self-indulgent.”

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“The Flash” Season 3 finale airs on Tuesday, May 23 at 8 p.m. EDT on The CW.

“The Flash” star Tom Cavanagh opened up about directing Season 3, episode 19 of the CW series. Photo: The CW

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