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The Most In-Demand Model at New York Fashion Week Was Working at Chipotle a Week Ago

Vogue reports that one of the most talked about models at New York Fashion Week was working at a Chipotle just 10 days ago.

Remington Williams walked for some of the biggest names in the business this past week, including Calvin Klein, Sies Marjan, and Marc Jacobs, and she looked amazing doing it. Not bad for a girl who was washing dishes at an Austin, Texas branch of the fast casual chain the week before.

Now she’s strutting about town and having the time of her life.


The model is now preparing to head to Europe for all the shows, and she’s practicing strutting in stilettos to get ready.

“[I’ve been wearing] the heels to the grocery store and bodega near my apartment,’ she said. ‘Models do not get enough credit for walking in those crazy shoes—they make it look so easy!”

Of course, if she decides she hates modeling, I’m sure there will always be a place for her on the taco line.

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