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Toddler appropriately freaks out over an unexpectedly evil unicorn toy

This little kid just received a tough life lesson: Not every toy is your friend. 

In a Facebook video posted Wednesday, Mom of the Year Jessica Mags surprises her son Westin with a not-so-friendly plush unicorn. 

This seemingly innocuous plaything must be a Gemini because once you’ve pressed its back, its faint smile disappears to reveal a sharp-toothed angry beast. 

Mags uploaded a video to show just what this toy was capable of.

Wide-eyed Westin was excited about the gift at first, but his love soon turned to fear once his mom revealed the toy’s evil side.

This poor little guy never knew was he was in for. 

But don’t worry– Jessica says Westin’s just fine and that he laughed at it. Let’s hope that he won’t suffer irreparable emotional damage.

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