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Twitter’s got thoughts on hilariously awkward $30 Kristaps Porzingis hat

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Knicks have introduced a new hat amid Kristaps Porzingis’ rise to legitimate NBA superstar. One would expect the team to come up with a cool cap for the 22-year-old Latvian phenom that doesn’t merit outright mockery.

What’s wrong with the newly released Porzingis hat? Take a look.

As noted in ESPN’s Darren Rovell’s tweet, those bad boys are selling for $30 at Madison Square Garden. The comically cartoonish depiction of Porzingis’ visage really is … something.

Wisenheimers on the Internet not surprisingly had thoughts on the ridiculous Porzingis cap.

Great stuff all around, but linking animated Porzingis to Beavis probably captures the sheer absurdity of the hat best. Well played.

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