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Weekend Soccer Recap & A Look to the Weekend Ahead | The Bankroll

Don’t miss our new weekly show from The Bankroll – every Monday with Natalie Rydstrom and betting pundit Alex from Each week they will review the weekends soccer/football action across Europe, take a look at their profit and loss, team injuries, big wins, and huge upsets. They will also look to the mid week games and deliver their best football bets. Dont miss todays show: Monday 20th March

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Automated Video Transcription:

hey guys welcome to sportsbookreview dot com
I’m Natalie Rydstrom it is our Monday
recap I will take a look at what
happened over the weekend and a little
bit different the show because this this
week obviously is world cup qualifiers
and so will have no midweek bet but what
we do have instead is we’ve got daily
picks of the day so make sure you catch
all of those Alex thanks for being here hi Nat
now first of all let’s take a look of
what sort of happened Premier League
seemed to be the most sort of
interesting league as far as sort of
changes and think well as a results and
things obviously Lester got their very
first road win can you believe it yeah
absolutely it’s incredible what is
happening with the lester craig
Shakespeare’s is the first premier
league manager in the history of the
premier league that his team was called
3 plus goals in three matches
consecutive matches so it’s a really
good for Lester what is happening right
now to the club yeah yeah and then
obviously was a Manchester United bounce
back they drew to Bournemouth obviously
they did have your opening a match to
Rostov they have qualified but they
bounced back quite nicely 31 at
Middlesbrough just like give you
confidence for them moving forward how
far do you think that they can end up in
the table here the primary table no I
don’t know it’s tough it was a tough
matches though without if even if the
score was 31 I think that it was a tough
match and we also without it black image
let’s be honest without Ibrahimovic is
really tough to play if you are
Manchester United I think that the
Mourinho can keep up the good work and
if they will not finish in top four this
season maybe next season with the you
know new players em new signings they
will be better yeah well talking as well
I briefly a Europa League obviously on
Thursday the quarterfinals have been
step made it through don’t be
sorry and mattress United are still
favorite to win the Europa League


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