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What Has Claire Foy Been In?

Claire Foy took home the Golden Globe for best actress in a TV drama this year, and she’s up for an Emmy for the same role, prompting those who haven’t yet watched The Crown to finally move it up in their Netflix queue. Foy may have just made it onto your radar, but she’s about to be everywhere — not only is she costarring with Andrew Garfield in the upcoming Breathe, it as just announced that she’ll be stepping into the role of Lisbeth Salander in The Girl in the Spider’s Web.

Foy has been acting since 2008, when she appeared in the pilot of the UK series Being Human. Since then, she’s mostly been in lauded British television shows and miniseries, including Little Dorrit and Upstairs Downstairs. In case you’re not a connoisseur of fine British TV, you may at least know her from one of these projects that crossed over to American audiences. Take a look!

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