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What Will Happen In Season 7 Finale?

“American Horror Story: Cult” is finally coming to an end, which means viewers will find out if Kai’s ruthless murders and crazy ideas will lead him to either his desired success or a treacherous downfall. While his cult members scramble to find a place under his reign on “Great Again,” Kai will continue to lose his grip on reality.

Before tuning into episode 11 of the FX series, check out these 3 things you should expect to see in the “AHS: Cult” finale.

1. Kai Plans On Making A Statement

On “American Horror Story: Cult,” episode 11, Kai (Evan Peters) becomes desperate for power. Photo: FX In the promo for the FX series, Kai (Evan Peters) is seen taking a gun from someone after revealing that he loves the people that love him and hates the people that hate him. He is later seen pointing the gun at someone while yelling, “Women can’t lead.” In the previous episode, it was revealed that Bebe Babbitt (Frances Conroy) was Kai’s therapist and gave him the idea that he needed to become a leader.

However, she told him his purpose was to release the female rage, but he revealed he never had any intention of following through with her plan. Instead, Kai admitted that he saw himself in a position of power and considering he is seen aiming a gun in the promo, it looks like he plans on doing anything to secure his spot at the top.

2. Ally Continues To Manipulate Kai

In the promo for “American Horror Story: Cult,” episode 11, Ally (Sarah Paulson) is seen comforting Kai, most likely following Winter’s (Billie Lourd) murder. In episode 10, Kai killed his sister after Ally accused her of bugging Kai’s ice cream truck. Beverly (Adina Porter) also told the leader that Winter attempted to convince her to leave the cult by buying her a train ticket out of town, which Kai saw as a betrayal. 

Kai seemed devastated after killing his sister, but in order to maintain power, he had to show no mercy to anyone who went against him. Later on in the “Great Again” promo, Kai is seen in what looks to be jail, as he yells at someone over the phone, telling the individual they are “a dead woman.” Could Ally have found a way to put Kai in jail and free herself from the cult?

3. Ally And Beverly Come Up With A Plan

American Horror Story: Cult On “American Horror Story: Cult,” episode 11, Beverly (Adina Porter) will join forces with a fellow cult member. Photo: FX

If Ally truly got Kai put away in jail or in a mental institution, chances are she had help from Beverly. In the promo for the FX series, Beverly is seen telling Ally that this will be her only shot and Ally replies that they better give them a show. While it is unclear what they are talking about, it’s likely that they are discussing Kai’s downfall.  

It’s no secret that Ally and Beverly want out of Kai’s cult, but because of his power and influence over the other members, trying to leave the cult would result in their murders. However, the two women have made it clear that they want out, and the murder or imprisonment of their leader certainly isn’t off the table.

The “American Horror Story: Cult” finale airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on FX.

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